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You know how some employees can end up under-performing, going sick or even quitting their job because they get totally stressed out or stuck with issues and problems they simply can't cope with or even discuss with anyone at work? These problems could be costing you real money right now. Well I'm the guy the smart employers call in to help those people get themselves unstuck and back on track.

I add huge value to the organisation's bottom line this way.

Who could be costing you money right now? Which key staff members need help right now?

I work with private individuals too. We can all benefit.

Check out the site and if you feel we'd be a good match then get in touch for an exploratory chat.

Personal Resilience


We all experience negative events from time to time. Personally resilient individuals deal with these events far more effectively and often bounce back even stronger for having the experience.

Emotional Intelligence


This is the overall personal toolkit you can build upon to better understand and regulate your behaviour as well as understand others and manage relationships with others. We all need more EI in our lives.

Mental Toughness


This covers your ability to set goals, stick to tasks, develop positive habits and rituals and your overall levels of grit and gumption. Modern life can be tough so it makes sense to mentally toughen up.


Workshop programs
On-line courses
Face to face coaching

My range of multi-session courses are designed for delivery at your location. They are carefully crafted to be delegate friendly, highly practical and super cost effective.

Suitable for the private individual. The range offers adapted on-line versions of all my organisational workshop programs as well as a wide-range of other valuable courses.

If you or your people need the focused attention and help which only face to face coaching can provide then get in touch to look at all the benefits and options.


Following a traumatic time and losing all my self-esteem and confidence I met and worked with Andy.  Andy gave me the tools to put in place a strategy to re discover that which I had lost and gave me the powers to address all my negative thoughts and make changes therefore seeing more of the positive and being mindful of what I can influence.

SD, Penarth


Andy was recommended to me when I was looking for a coach for one of our Managers. He conducted a number of sessions and I received excellent feedback from the Manager about the coaching they had received and I also witnessed a visible difference in their confidence and approach as a result. Since then I have engaged Andy to work with staff on our talent program and other Managers within the business. He has a great ability to flex his style to suit a variety of staff with very different needs. All the feedback I have received from the coachees has been fantastic everyone has gained both personally and professionally as a result. He is easy to deal with I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending his services.

CL, Pontypridd




Andy’s creative technique in drawing things out of me (quite literally) definitely works for me – I am certainly more aware of my own assumed limitations, whether they be self-imposed or externally imposed. I have learned how I can re-shape these assumed limitations and to overcome them using a range of techniques.

I have learned a lot about the person that I am and what I am striving to be. What I have taken from these sessions will help to guide and shape both my personal and professional life and I am grateful for the chance to have had them.



RC, Pontypridd

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Latest news
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I am in the process of designing a number of on-line courses. If you sign up for my free exclusive E-book, using the form towards the top of this page, you will get the latest release dates and offers. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

I run monthly free training/awareness webinars on various topics related to stress reduction, stress-proofing and general mental well-being. If you sign up for my free exclusive E-book, using the form towards the top of this page, you will get the latest release dates and offers. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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