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What can I do for you?

Typical results gained by my clients:

Using deep-dive one to one coaching and experiential workshops I help businesses like yours solve expensive people issues


It's a simple yet robust and proven approach which gets you great results and gives you real bottom line improvements

  • Key staff and teams rapidly returned to performing at their very best


  • Improved bottom line profits


  • Enhanced workforce morale and reduced stress via the positive ripple effect created by focused coaching programs


  • Reduced staff sickness and less turnover


  • Valuable and flexible people management options for HR, L&D, L&E and other key executive teams


  • Higher return on investment for "soft skills" training via targeted post-course coaching follow-up programs


  • Clients gain valuable transferable self-coaching tools and techniques for continued growth


  • A healthier, happier and more resilient workforce...


 ... and so much more besides so contact me today

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Typical results by my clients:

© 2016 Andrew D. Pope

All rights reserved